Cookie Usage Policy

What is cookies?

Cookies are small files stored on your computer. Your browser writes different temporary data to those files. For example recent search terms or preferred language.

Are this cookies dangerous?

Not really, but someone (say, some mister Z. owning some social network) can trace your browsing history. Then this history could be used to show you more relevant ads.

Is there any cookies here?

Yes! First of all there are X,Y and Z to keep your last position. Also cookie called L stores selected map layer. sid is used only if you logged in. It stores your session identifier which lets us recognize You when page is reloaded.

Since this website uses Google Analytics, Google Maps, Youtube, Google Plus button and Twitter button we have few more cookies installed by all this services. List of those cookies changes and varies so it is better to check policies of Google and Twitter.

I want to disable cookies!

It is easy to do. For example, if you use Chrome just click on page icon in the address bar and then click "Show cookies and site data". There you will see and manage list of (dis)allowed cookies.
Check help pages for any other browser you use.

What if I disable some cookies?

You position will be reset to default each visit. Also, if you disable sid you will not be able to login. Disabled third party cookies may affect sharing buttons or youtube's view history.